The GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN)

The GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) is the bridge connecting the researchers of today with those of tomorrow. An international coalition of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals, members of the GISN work to promote Earth science and education in schools and classrooms. These professionals can act as student mentors for research projects, volunteer as judges for school and virtual science fairs, or form other meaningful relationships with students, teachers, and STEM professionals. 


"A global community of STEM professionals cultivating local research that contributes to a global understanding of Earth system science for students, teachers, and other STEM professionals."


"To enhance environmental literacy by promoting the use and collection of GLOBE data in support of student and GISN member research, supporting and mentoring students and other GISN members in their Earth science investigations, and collaborating with teachers and STEM professionals around the world."



Get Involved

The GLOBE community spans 125 countries with thousands of trained teachers leading their students in the gathering of quality environmental data. When you become a GISN member, you become part of that community, providing an important professional perspective on the science conducted in the classroom from the elementary to the undergraduate level. 

You can also enhance your own research by expanding your observational network through new Field Campaign or Protocol proposals. This creates a synergistic relationship between the professional science community and GLOBE students, who have uploaded over 200 million measurements to our databases since 1995. These measurements have already exhibited their value in supplementing inquiry-based Earth science projects organized by NASA and other agencies. Furthermore, GLOBE has a host of materials you can use to complement the public outreach and educational components of your project.

Learn more about how GLOBE data has been used in scientific publications

GLOBE students want to contribute in a meaningful way to real-world science that impacts both their community and the world at large. Through STEM professional mentorships, you'll help inspire the next generation of scientists and increase overall scientific literacy in the general public. 

Full Membership

To become a full member of the GISN you must be:

  • Working or studying in a STEM field related to Earth or environmental sciences
  • Reside and/or be employed in a GLOBE country
  • Align with the Mission and Vision of The GLOBE Program and GISN in particular

You must also fulfill one of the following:

  • Hold a B.S. in a STEM field and have at least five years of experience working in a STEM field related to Earth and environmental sciences
  • Be in, at least, your 3rd year of a Ph.D. program focused on Earth or environmental sciences 
  • Hold a Master's or Ph.D. in a STEM field and be currently working in Earth or environmental sciences

Early Career STEM Professionals

"Early Career STEM Professionals" are a subgroup of the GISN. To join this subgroup, you must: 

  • Reside in a GLOBE country
  • Not fulfill the requirements of a full GISN Member

You must also fulfill one of the following:

  • Hold a B.S. in a STEM field and have at least two years of experience working in a STEM field related to Earth and environmental sciences
  • Be in, at least, your 1st year of a Ph.D. program focused on Earth or environmental sciences
  • Hold a Masters in a STEM field related to Earth or environmental sciences 

Before you apply to become a member of the GISN, make sure you meet the membership qualifications. If you're unsure whether your experience qualifies you for the GISN, you can email your CV to globehelp@ucar.edu for a "courtesy review" before creating an account and completing the application process. Additionally, if you have any questions about the application process you can send us an email at globehelp@ucar.edu.

If you're new to GLOBE:

  1. Create a GLOBE Account.
  2. Complete the assessment for the Introduction to GLOBE module. Additionally you must complete at least one "Introduction to a sphere" assessment, for example the Introduction to the Atmosphere.
  3. Complete an eTraining on at least one protocol.
  4. After you complete the eTraining module, change the name on your profile to match your preferred name
    • Note: When you create a GLOBE account, you will be automatically assigned the default name of "Citizen Scientist." However, you must change your name in order to proceed with the application process.
  5. Select the button below and complete the GISN Application Form.

If you already have a GLOBE Account:

  1. Make sure you have completed the eTraining requirements listed above.
  2. Select the button below and complete the GISN Application Form.

The GISN application form requires a CV and a short paragraph (250 words) describing how you would participate in The GLOBE Program. Once the application is received, we'll review your CV and send you your GISN membership status results within three business days. Additionally, we will also send a copy of these results to your country coordinator in order to introduce you and to help ensure your active participation in the program. To look up your GLOBE country coordinator, you can find a country coordinator in your area

Note: If you are accepted into the GISN, some of the information you provide on the form may appear on the GISN Members Regional pages.